Minnesota Region 10 Quality Assurance

A Quality Assurance and Alternative Licensing System since 1997.
oped By MN Region 10 Stakeholders.
Funded by the MN State Legislature.

The Mission of the Region 10 Quality Assurance Commission is to develop and implement a  person-centered QA process that significantly enhances the quality of life for persons with developmental disabilities. This process will be person-driven and responsive, assuring basic safety while promoting continuous improvement in the system and the service it provides. 

The purpose of the Minnesota Region 10 Quality Assurance System is to continually improve the assistance provided to individuals with developmental disabilities. We do this by assessing the value people experience through the support and services received at home, at work or school and throughout the community. By combining results from an ongoing series of these assessments, we are able to develop an accurate sense of the patterns of support in our community. We are also able to identify "best practices," which we want spread throughout the system, and to focus on situations where improvement is needed.


Gene' Final Feedback Meeting learning portrait.