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The Quality Assurance Commission is a group of community stakeholders who have developed and implemented a person-driven quality assurance and licensing review process called VOICE (Value Of Individual Choices and Experience). VOICE works to enhance the quality of life for people through improving the quality of supports provided to them in their community. The QA Commission oversees quality assurance efforts as outlined in the Minnesota State Legislation. The QA Commission continues to gather feedback through evaluation forms to improve the overall QA system and VOICE process.


Future Goals

  • To implement the VOICE review process as a long-term quality assurance and licensing option.
  • To expand the VOICE process to counties outside of Region 10 Minnesota.
  • To assess how VOICE and the QA system can be replicated in other service areas and geographic areas.
  • To seek and implement an 1115 waiver for Intermediate Care Facilities using the QA system in participating counties.
  • To recommend strategies to resolve identified barriers in the support system.



Polly Owens,
Feb 18, 2014, 12:00 PM