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Becoming a QAT

Why would I choose to be a Quality Assurance Team Member? Because… The same things that are important to you are important to people with disabilities: friends, family, a home, safety and dignity. As a Quality Assurance Team Member you will:

  • Have the opportunity to give a VOICE to people who may not otherwise be heard
  • Work with people who are truly important in the life of a person with disabilities
  • Focus on the person, not the paperwork

 Some thoughts from individuals who are involved with the Region 10 Quality Assurance VOICE Review process:  Self Advocate’s thoughts on their VOICE Review… "It was good. I liked the sun (learning portrait) a lot. I learned a lot. Like what to do with roommates and play games. It was all pretty good."  QA Team Member perspective… "I see the value of QA’s approach being that it is using objective people to look into the person’s life and see things from a different perspective."  Providers viewpoint… "The QA review process provides a wonderful opportunity for individuals to speak up for themselves regarding their current services as well as their future dreams. The person feels empowered, and their Quality Circle often learns more about the person than was previously known. The process also better connects the members of the Quality Circle, as they are all focused on a common goal to support the person in the best way possible."  What does it take to be QAT Member? A desire and commitment to improve the quality of the lives of individuals with disabilities through a person centered approach to licensing individual’s home and service agencies. Commitments:

  • Attend 2  days of QAT training
  • Complete at least two VOICE Reviews per year for a minimum of two years
  • Complete at least 6 hours of refresher training per year.

 These commitments are important because Region 10 Quality Assurance dedicates time, expertise, materials and financial resources to training and supporting QAT Members. VOICE Review process for QAT member and partner:

  1. Starting the VOICE review process within two weeks of receiving the referral and information.
  2. Completing the VOICE review within one month of the first meeting.
  3. Providing regular communication to the QA manager regarding availability to do VOICE reviews, progress and challenges that maybe encountered.
  4. Submitting a draft of the written VOICE review to QA manager for approval, a minimum of 7days before final meeting.
  5. Submitting completed VOICE review paperwork, notes, QAT feedback, partner evaluation and expense report within two weeks of final meeting.

A typical VOICE review takes 15 to 25 hours Stipends are available for QAT Members:

  • Training and Required Meeting Stipends - $100 over 3 hours, $50 less than 3 hours
  • VOICE review - $200 for completed review
  • Childcare reimbursement for actual incurred expenses - $5 per hour up to $25 per day

Besides having a partner to work with on VOICE Reviews, QAT Members are supported by the QA Manager and other Staff.  Training Overview for Quality Assurance Team Members As a Volunteer Quality Assurance Team Member you will attend a 2 ½ day training to prepare you for doing VOICE Reviews. Following are training areas which will be addressed:

  • History and Philosophy – VOICE Philosophy and History
  • QA Team Member – Commitments, Working as a Partner
  • VOICE Process – Life Areas, Starting a VOICE Review, Role Play
  • Learning Portraits – How to make and present a Learning Portrait, Practice Developing a Learning Portrait
  • Interviewing Skills – Interviewing Tips, Asking Key Questions
  • Findings – Writing a Learning Summary and Findings, Understanding the ERIC score, Final Feedback Meeting
  • VOICE Review Tools – Expense Forms, Time Sheet, Quality Circle and QAT Feed Back Forms
  • Quality Assurance System Overview – QA Commission, Staff, Committees and Review Council, DHS and Health Department Representatives, Licensing and Standards
  • Data Privacy, VA, Rule 40, Psychotropic Medications. – Types of Data, Confidentiality and Responsibilities, Vulnerable Adult / Child, Terms and Definitions
  • QA Database Training – Accessing the Database, Practice Using the Database

 This training is very interactive with opportunities to practice and role play many of the skills and activities you will use during a VOICE Review. It is also structured to allow questions to be asked through out the training.

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